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Since I've got a recording studio and used to be an actor, I stuck my foot into the world of voice over years ago. Here are my demos.



For about 9 years, I was a regular voice for Pandora Radio Ads. I've done some animation and multi media. A quick rundown of clients include...


Bud Light, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Dick's Sporting Goods, Billy Bob's Texas, Clif Bar, California State Fair, Miami Grill, Western Union, Wendy's, Lifeline, Commercial Metals Company, Herma, City of Lubljana, City of Washington DC


LearnUp, Tagg the Pet Tracker, Demand Media, EBF Files, US Army


The Lonely Astronaut, Real True History, Dewdz, Cap'n Ken's Corner, Blake Diamond: Jungle Adventurer, The Voice - All shows produced by Twisted Mojo Productions

Most Wanted - 2931 Studios



I also produce demos for other voice actors. Contact me if interested for more info.