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Things have been pretty busy since I last updated. So here is RYAN REMEMBERING TO UPDATE HIS WEBSITE!

Somewhere around December I scored the feature film Match by filmmaker Sean McGinly (The Great Buck Howard, Silver Lake). It stars Ahna O'Reilly (Fruitvale Station, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and Austin Nichols (John from Cincinnati, The Walking Dead). This is very much a COVID lockdown movie and surprised me in what could be pulled off while filming everybody separately. I hope to see the film get the distribution it deserves.

Some of my music is going to be used in an upcoming docuseries on Netflix, but I don't know that I can announce titles just yet. So instead I'll namedrop Netflix.

Live music is coming back, so I've been playing some dates with Circle of Sighs. We just recorded a show that we're going to fiddle with and potentially turn into some free jazz/doom metal album.

Also, the musical I composed Deadly will soon be published by Stage Rights. So if your theater company is in the market for a 19th Century musical about the crimes of serial killer H.H. Holmes, it is now yours to do.

I'm working on an acapella album that I'm pretty excited about. I'm quite intentionally dodging any marriage to genre, but suffice to say it consists entirely of mouth sounds and is starting to sound like songs for a cult I've yet to start. In the very near future, I'll also be releasing an EDM EP I've been working on with my good buddy Marz Richards. Stay tuned.